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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I always love doing fan art (I try anyway). However you'll find a few of my original characters make an appearance or two. (^-^)

Getting lost in the creativity of your imagination...

                      / |
                  /.  |
.                 /:: :.  |
               /!:: :: . |                   ______
                 / ! :.: : : !              ,.ィ´ _. < ̄/
             / | :. : : ,'               / _.イ´:: :: : /
               | |:: ::. /__,. - ─‐ー-、._   / :: ::::: ::  /
               | |:.:. /´          `メ /:: : __,. - ´
             〉 | :: /             \ ̄
.            / ハ!/                    \
            /./        /八         |    ∧
.           |/ /       //  \      |      ∧
           / /  /   /イ    |ヽ   __! |  | ハ
.           / /  /   |_ム-‐´ ̄ |/ ヽ    / ̄下  | トヘ \
          /,イ|!  ハ  | ∨ _ /   |  /_|   |  | | /
        /  | l! / {|  |xr=≠キァ   |/ィ≠ァフ  /レ /
            | |/{ (|i.  |八Vzノ    /  弋zソ'/  / /
            | | ヽ」 \|                 } .メ、
            | l   |  ハ、          i/  |
            | / !l     へ、  丶二フ  , イ / }
            / /  八      > 、  _. <| | / /
.           / /  /  厂>ー- >、_ 「入   | j/∨ /
           / /  / /く:: :: ::.\   /ー〈\⊥.__/_ ___
        / /  ム/〈二》:: :: :: ::.\./\メ、\::\:-∧..... \....\.
.        / / ,イ>< /||_____>、|:::: \ヽ-く_ヘ.... ... .._.\ ...\.
.       /  / /⌒:ー-く:: :: :: :: :____/:: :: \::::::: \!:: ::: /:::::::_\
.     /  ./ {:: :: :: :: :: ヽ:: ::<__:: :: :: :::.\::: :. |:: :/:::::::::ニ=\
.        //l|:: :: :: :: ::\ヘ:: :: ::/ ̄`>ー-:: ::: :`ト:┘/:::::::::::::::::\
       /!  |:: :: :: :: :: :::\\/:: ::/:: :: :::::/ ̄ ̄`〈:::::::::::::::::ヘ
.    /  | ∧:: :: :: :: :: :: : \! /::___ノ:: :: :: :: :::: ヽ::::::::::::::::}
.        | / ヽ、:: :: :: :: :: :: :厂 ̄:: :: :: :: :: :: :: : :: }::::::::::::::/
.        レ'   \:: :: :: :: :: : | :: /: ::: :: :: :: :: : :: ::/!:::::::::::::/


Call of Duty: Girls und Panzer
A young Naomi watches victory silp from her teams grasp.

You know, I'm just happy theres a new WWII FPS game coming out. Its been what, 10 years?
Been hoping for a Medal of Honor re-re-boot, but I'll settle for this. As long as there's a single player campaign I'm good.
A.L.O.H.A Week...
Kay and Saunders H.S. join the small 'Academy Laulea of Hawaiian Arts' in their annual A.L.O.H.A. Week festival at Kunia Eco-Sports Park in Haji, Okinawa. Here, Kay leads a Hula Kahiko performance.
Majority of the School Ships pass through during this time, with some spending a few days anchored off Okuma bay. Some even participate in the "Summer Skirmish" hosted by A.L.O.H.A.
What will this years festival bring? Only time will tell...
(note: zip file download has pic without words)


A.L.O.H.A. ~ Aloha
Motto: "Maukaukau Kakou" - "We are Prepared" School Song: "Hilo March"
: A small school focused on secondary education with specifics in Hawaiian arts and culture, both modern and ancient. The school, started by a retired U.S. Navy Admiral, is located outside the town of Ogimi, Okinawa, however they have no Sensha-do team, but has been hosting the annual "A.L.O.H.A. Week Festival" in the area since the schools opening in 1959. The event is open to the public and all schools. The Sensha-do Federation also permits small scale competition in the form of "practice matches" to be allowed at the festival. This has turned into the annual "Summer Skirmish", a popular event for the Sensha-do clubs and local community. The skirmish has also gained an underground reputation, where competing schools hold high wager bets, unknown to Federation officials. It has become a tradition for all nearby towns and villages, from the festival, to the skirmish, to the's just some good fun all around!
GI Bear - Fire Prevention (War Thunder contest)
GI Bear rieminds you to check your FPE's in armor battles on War Thunder!

Had a little fun with a War Thunder traffic sign contest. My inspiration was those Smokey Bear fire prevention signs.
Girls und Panzer Omake 7: Girls und Paintball Pt.6
NOTE: Zip download includes version without Maho's paintball splatters
And here we are to the final part of our "Girls und Paintball" arc!
Hey everyone, its been a while......haha. Anywayyyy, I just wanted to say our Omake has gone digital! Thanks to my good friend and writer HereticalShinigami I have been inspired to take my art to the next level. Its in a sketch style, but for those of you who know my other recent works, you should be familiar with it. SO, on that note, don't forget to check out his story "Girls und Panzer: Open Warfare" on [] as it is one of the few REGULARY UPDATED, in a timely matter of course (life aside, in other words hehe) GuP stories. Its reached a juicy point in my opinion, in more ways than one. And I got the in scoop that his new chapter is releasing soon! (He's currently writing it). To my writer: Hey! It wasn't a spoiler this time, right man? No gulag this time...please??

Thank you to all who read, enjoy, and have patience with these omakes! They are not going away anytime soon :D
(Story finishes below)

When Anchovy had stated that they’d brought some additional provisions, Miho had imagined that they might have prepared extra snacks to tide them over. Neither Miho nor her friends had quite envisioned that the Italian school would have brought enough for a small army, as a large truck, driven by Pepperoni had rolled up to the paintball range, laden with a veritable feast.

Now she was thankful for that over-preparation. Several trestle tables had been laid out, along with several barbecues and boiling barrels. The smell of sizzling meat and pasta was heavy in the cooling night air. Paint-spattered girls from all the different teams were sitting in small knots all across the clearing, chatting amongst themselves as they chowed down on the delicious food Anzio had supplied, even as the grey-uniformed Anzio girls prepared more to serve.

“Miporin! Come sit with us!” Saori waved her friend over to her, holding out a plate of food. The bubbly redhead was sat round a fire with the rest of Anglerfish team, as well as the leaders of the other teams, all chatting, amiably for the most part, amongst themselves.

“Thank you, Saori,” Miho said, gratefully taking the plate before perching on a log between Hana and Saori. As the other girls registered her arrival, they all gave her friendly greetings, even Erika offering a curt nod.

“You know,” Saori said, “Even though I’m covered in paint and will need at least three baths to get rid of it, I had fun. Did you, Miporin?”

Miho nodded. “It was a nice trip out, and I got to spend time with my wonderful friends.” Those who heard that favoured her with broad smiles.

“Herodotus once said that of all possessions, a friend is the most precious,” Darjeeling said. “Truly I am blessed to have so many, and to be able to spend time with them.”

“And even if we might disagree from time to time, we’re all friends here,” Kay said. Everyone nodded at the statement, even the aloof captains of Kuromorimine, and the group went quiet for a while, all merely revelling in the warmth of the fire, the taste of the food and the joy that came with being in good company.

END Hug 

For those who want a recap on the paintball arc:
Pt.1 -…
Pt.2 -…
Pt.3 -…
Pt.4 -…
Pt.5 -…
Laundry Day...
M11 crews of K Company, 13th Squadron, assist the locals in their weekly laundry, while doing some of their own.
High Isles town of Nahola, 1971.
Running water and utilities are still under construction in towns outside the island's capital of Port Astrolabe.
The High Isles Civil War 1945 - 1967

More on the M11 'Longstreet' during the High Isles Civil War and its rebuilding:………


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